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Vertigo Treatment in Jeannette, PA

Vertigo symptoms and treatment in Jeannette, PA

Vertigo is a condition causing you to experience recurring episodes of severe dizziness. Popularized by the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock film by the same name, the term specifically describes the precise sensation of spinning you feel, despite remaining completely still, as the result of a disturbance in the inner ear or the nerve pathways of the brain. The main form of vertigo, called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), is said to be initiated by sudden head movements and is characterized by sudden attacks of spinning lasting from 15 seconds to a few minutes. However, vertigo can range in severity, cause and duration.

The condition, furthermore, can be experienced from two perspectives:

  • Subjective vertigo, which refers to the feeling of yourself moving
  • Objective vertigo, which refers to the perception that your surroundings are moving

Vertigo can be debilitating. Schedule a consultation with a qualified healthcare provider in Jeannette who can put an end to the spinning you are experiencing with vertigo treatment! Call (724) 915-1049 or contact Medical Wellness Associates online.

Vertigo Symptoms

The most common symptom of vertigo is the specific dizzying sensation of spinning. However, other vertigo symptoms could include a general sense of unsteadiness or loss of balance as well as nausea and vomiting.

In some cases, vertigo can cause more dangerous symptoms including double vision, slurred speech and facial numbness. If you experience any of these symptoms of vertigo, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Vertigo Causes

Vertigo most commonly occurs as the result of specific changes in the position of your head. Vertigo might follow, for instance, head movements such as when you harshly tip your head up or down, lie down or turn over or sit in your bed. Other vertigo causes are not definitive but could include:

  • Minor to severe trauma to the head
  • Exposure to different medications including some anti-seizure medications, blood pressure medications, antidepressants or aspirin
  • Anything that may raise your chance of stroke (high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, smoking)

Your healthcare provider will conduct a thorough medical history as well as a neurological exam to determine whether the cause vertigo is peripheral or central. Peripheral causes may include:

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV): The most common form of vertigo, BPPV is caused when there is a disruption in your vestibular labyrinth. This labyrinth is made up of three loop-shaped structures (semicircular canals) that contain fluid and hair-like sensors to monitor the rotation of your head. Otolith organs in your ear monitor the movements of your head and contain crystals that make you sensitive to gravity. These crystals, however, can become dislodged and move into the semicircular canals, causing your semicircular canal to become sensitive to head position changes it would normally respond to, causing vertigo.
  • Ménière's Disease: Caused by an increase of endolymphatic fluid in the inner ear, Ménière's disease causes severe vertigo and associated imbalance, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), aural fullness (a feeling of pressure or fullness in the ear), severe nausea or vomiting and hearing loss.
  • Labyrinthitis: An inflammation of the inner ear, believed to be caused by a viral infection, labyrinthitis causes severe vertigo and associated imbalance, as well as nausea and vomiting.
  • Vestibular Migraine: Often the cause of a neurological disorder, vestibular migraine refers to vertigo in association with migraines.

If it is decided that your vertigo is not the result of a peripheral cause, a central cause (such as stroke) may be responsible.

Vertigo Diagnosis

To determine whether you are suffering vertigo as well as its potential cause, your healthcare provider will begin by taking a full history of the events of your symptoms. This will include any medications that you have been taking (including over-the-counter medications), recent illnesses as well as any and all prior medical conditions. A physical exam will follow, involving a full neurological exam to evaluate brain function and to determine whether vertigo is due to a central or peripheral cause. This could include an MRI or CT scan of the brain or inner ears to exclude structural problems like stroke. If hearing loss is suspected, an audiologist can be consulted. An electronystagmography (ENG) or videonystagmography (VNG) may determine whether your imbalance is caused by an inner ear disease.

Vertigo Treatment

Treatment for vertigo will depend on the extent of your condition. Prescription vertigo medication such as Meclizine may offer short-term relief of your vertigo symptoms. For sustained relief, canalith repositioning is a procedure consisting of simple and slow maneuvers for positioning your head with the intent of moving particles from the fluid-filled semicircular canals of your inner ear back into the vestibule (the area that houses the otolith organs) where they don't cause trouble and can be more easily absorbed. In rare instances that canalith repositioning does not provide relief, your healthcare provider may recommend a surgical procedure in which a bone plug is inserted to block the portion of your inner ear that's causing your dizziness, preventing the semicircular canal in your ear from being able to respond to particle movements or head movements in general.

Whatever the treatment plan decided upon by you and your healthcare provider, it is important to seek professional help for your vertigo symptoms. To schedule a consultation with a qualified healthcare provider in Jeannette who can put an end to the spinning you are experiencing with vertigo treatment! Call (724) 915-1049 or contact Medical Wellness Associates online.

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