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Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Midland Park, NJ

Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Midland Park, NJ

An MRI (fMRI, functional magnetic resonance imaging) is a diagnostic procedure and piece of medical equipment that has greatly increased the capacity of physicians to identify abnormalities, diagnose, treat and ultimately prevent conditions.  

This noninvasive procedure makes use of strong magnets and radio frequency to obtain images of internal bodily structures including organs, bone and even the functioning of the brain. Unlike X-rays, an MRI doesn't use radiation making it a much safer alternative, especially for patients requiring numerous diagnostic scans.

Also unlike an X-ray, MRI images are immediately available for the physician to inspect, no development is necessary.  In some diagnostic tests the physician can visually inspect internal metabolic brain function in real time. This means doctors can evaluate the impact of trauma, stroke, as well as degeneration on individual brain functions including speech, sight, motor skills, etc. 

The MRI Procedure

First a radioactive isotope (Technetium-99m-MIBI) may be injected to provide contrast material. This will allow doctors to inspect hard to see areas by making them stand out. Next, you'll usually be required to disrobe, though sometimes you will be allowed to wear your regular clothes provided they don't have any metal on them—more on that in a bit. 

You'll then lay down on a sliding table which will pull you into the body of the MRI, a human length tube. Some people get claustrophobic in MRIs, to get around this, many new models allow pictures to be displayed inside the tube for you to look at, open fields, etc., giving the impression of a vast open space. Some cutting edge models have no sides at all, called an open MRI, they allow a much more comfortable procedure.

An MRI has limitations though, mainly due to the use of a magnet. You will not be able to have any magnetic metal object on or in your person. Jewelry, including piercings will have to be removed prior to your procedure or the MRI will remove them for you… rather painfully. Those who have pacemakers, hearing aid implants, nerve stimulators, artificial heart valves, surgical pins, screws and plates, and those who have metal arterial stints in place cannot use an MRI. 

Despite being unusable on a small group of patients the MRI has proven an immensely invaluable tool for diagnosing and treating patients at a level that was before unreachable.

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