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Stem Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Diseases in New York, NY

Stem Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Diseases in New York, NY

The immune system is the body's natural defense mechanism that protects us from diseases. When it becomes overactive, cells and proteins that are supposed to destroy viruses begin to attack healthy tissues. This condition is known as an autoimmune disease. There are over 80 types of these diseases, but stem cell research has shown promise in regulating the most common forms. Some of which include:

Treating Autoimmune Diseases

Most of current treatments for autoimmune diseases aim at suppressing the overactive immune system. This can be done in a variety of ways, the most popular of which is steroids.

Steroids can be effective in stopping your immune system from attacking the healthy cells in your body, but the adverse effect is that it also halts them from attacking harmful cells that lead to illness.

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy

Unlike the more controversial embryonic stem cells which are harvested from in-vitro fertilizations, autologous stem cells are taken from the patient's own body.

Known as adult mesenchymal stem cells, these are naturally released by the body when inflammation occurs due to injury. These cells serve multiple functions, including:

  • To release proteins that reduce inflammation and assist in the healing of tissues.
  • To take on the properties of the surrounding tissues to help rebuild the injured area.

Before the Procedure

Before the procedure begins, your doctor may recommend that you contact a physician for a consultation and medical exam so they can become familiar with your specific symptoms.

Your doctor may also use this opportunity to determine if stem cell therapy can be an option for treating your condition.

What to Expect

Stem cells are commonly gathered from one of two places:

  • Bone marrow
  • Adipose tissues

Cells harvested from bone marrow are typically extracted from the hip bone via a technique called aspiration. This is done with a small, virtually painless needle.

If the cells are being harvested from adipose tissues, they are extracted from the sub-dermal layer using micro-liposuction. This procedure is a similar, but gentler, version of liposuction.

The samples are placed in a centrifuge which spins them around at high velocities to separate out the stem cells. These cells will then be reintroduced to your body through a series of sessions spread out over several weeks, so it's best to start right away.

Seek Treatment

Stem cell therapy may be the right choice for you. To get started, please call (929) 244-4466 or contact Dr. David Borenstein online.

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