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Urinalysis Tests in Stratham, NH

Urinalysis Testing in Stratham, NH

A urinalysis is a simple test that helps medical providers identify infection, irritation or other illnesses through compounds or components of your urine. Depending on your situation, your medical provider may have you collect your urine in a special container at home or in the office during an appointment. If your provider is looking for a specific compound, the urine may be sent to a lab for testing. More general tests like those done to find a urinary tract infection can be completed in the office in just a few minutes.

To complete the urinalysis, all you will need to do is urinate or pee into a cup. Your medical provider or laboratory team will handle the rest.

Find out more about how to prepare for your urinalysis by calling our office at (207) 536-9661.

What Does a Urinalysis Look For?

Urinalysis can be used to identify or monitor a variety of different compounds. A urinalysis may be completed for several reasons:

  • As a part of your regular annual check-up or physical
  • When monitoring for diabetes or kidney disease
  • To check for blood in the urine
  • To identify a urinary tract infection

There are dozens and dozens of other medical conditions that may change the contents of your urine. If your doctor finds something abnormal, he or she will discuss these results with you and then set up any additional testing. Very few conditions can be diagnosed with only a urine sample.

What Happens During the Test?

To test your urine, your doctor or lab personnel will look at several factors. Color, clarity and odor are usually first. The urine may be tested to see how concentrated it is. A urine chemistry test uses a special stick that is dipped into the urine and tests for many different compounds at once. The stick has several different colored pads on it that will change color when exposed to blood, glucose, nitrates, bacteria and other chemicals in the urine. These color changes are evaluated by medical personnel and the results are recorded.

Your urine may also be examined under a microscope to find items you cannot see with your eyes. Mucus, bacteria and crystals in your urine may be found this way. Depending on what test you have, it may take several days to get the results.

Schedule Your Urinalysis Today

A urinalysis is an effective way to monitor for many conditions. Call (207) 536-9661 or contact Dr. Johanna Mauss online for more information on urinalysis.

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