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Saliva Testing in Surprise, AZ

Saliva Testing in Surprise, AZSaliva testing allows doctors and other medical professionals to test your saliva (spit) for a variety of hormones, enzymes, and antibodies. These results can guide a variety of treatments and tell your medical provider more about what's happening inside your body.

How does Saliva Testing Work?

Saliva testing is often used to identify abnormalities in the immune or endocrine systems and can be helpful in identifying some types of infection. Supporters of saliva testing like its convenience and cost effectiveness and believe it to be as reliable as blood testing.

Saliva testing can be used to identify compounds in the body that could indicate the presence of other types of disease. No condition can be diagnosed by saliva testing alone, but its use can provide your doctor with valuable information.

Saliva testing is easy and can be completed in your own home. Call (602) 362-6670 or contact Clifford Ball online to find out more.

What Can Saliva Tests Detect?

Some conditions that may release compounds identified by saliva testing include:

  • Adrenal diseases (Addison's disease) and it's less severe cousin adrenal fatigue
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), menopause and anovulation
  • Insulin resistance
  • Diabetes
  • Food allergies
  • Some types of cancers (breast, oral or pancreatic)
  • HIV, viral hepatitis or H. pylori infections

Doctors continue to study the use of saliva testing for the identification and treatment of many medical conditions. If your doctor discovers a positive clinical marker from your saliva, feel confident that more testing will be needed.

How do I complete my saliva test?

One of the best parts about saliva testing is its ease and convenience. Depending on the type of chemicals and compounds your doctor is looking for, you may need to collect several saliva samples each day at certain times.

Saliva does not need to be stored as carefully as other bodily fluids and is stable for several weeks before testing. To complete your test, your doctor will provide you with a series of collection tubes for the saliva. Just fill the vial or vials to the indicated line with saliva at the specified times. Write the day and time of collection on each vial. Once all the saliva is collected, you may need to package and ship it to a testing laboratory or return it to your doctor or local lab.

The results of your saliva testing should be discussed with your medical team.

Learn more About Saliva Testing Today

Saliva testing is a reliable, painless way to find out more about your health. To find out more, call (602) 362-6670 or contact Clifford Ball online.

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